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Rent a scooter in Szczecin

Do you want to ride an electric scooter, but you don't want to spend 2-3 thousand Polish zloty? No problem. Do it this way: download the Quick application for the Android or the iOS, sign in, top up your account and see which scooter in Szczecin city is next to you. Come to it, start it, push back and... it happens very quickly. The Quick is a scooter rental shop enabling you to save money and enjoy the freedom at the same time.

Have you got any other questions?

Contact us. We'll provide you with all the information you need.

Quick APP - Electric scooters in Szczecin?

Download the app from the Google Play or the App Store and rent an electric scooter.

Download the application

It's very simple and takes a minute! Remember to read the terms & conditions carefully. Download the QuickApp and install it on your phone.

Read the instructions

Read the rules to follow in the HOW IT WORKS tab. Remember about your own safety and safety of others!

Top up your Quick App wallet

Top up your wallet in the Quick App. You can do it using your payment card or BLIK.

Find a scooter and scan the QR code

Launch the QuickApp, look for scooters nearby and check their availability in your location. Scan the QR code placed on the handle bars with your phone and ... that’s it!

Go and enjoy your freedom

Stand on a scooter and push your foot off the ground, then open the throttle on the right side of the handlebars.

Need help?

Call: 538 550 144 (Hotline open daily from 8:00 - 22:00)
Write to us: [email protected] or send your notification via the app


Download the app into your phone and access your electric scooters rented for minutes. Move comfortably, quickly, in a way friendly to the environment and cheaply. Application available for IOS and Android phones. Download from the Google Play or the App Store

Why Quick electric scooters?

Szczecin Quick electric scooters rental shop provides a lot of vehicles in excellent condition. Every evening we charge their batteries so that they are ready to ride in the morning. We have made efforts to make sure that the Quick electric scooters replace buses, cars and even private bicycles. They are completely zero-emission units, so they don't pollute the air any more. They ride really fast and they are maneuverable, so you can easily get where you want to go and be on time for sure. Reliability and regular inspections of their condition make that the ride is as safe as possible. And the price? Not much compared to buying own scooter, not to mention costs of maintaining a car where people spend long hours on crowded streets.

Where can you ride on the Quick in Szczecin?

Where do the Quick app users go on scooters? Some of them ride to work, rather regularly, and not just in emergencies. There are many riders who take a scooter to go somewhere after work: to drink coffee, to visit friends or a family, or to take part in trainings or other activities. There are also some weekend users who treat riding a scooter as a springboard and an entertainment itself. And which group do you belong to? The group of pragmatists who value reliability and accessibility, or free spirits who seek freedom and fun? In fact, it doesn't matter, because when you rent a scooter, you can have fun while you're riding to work. If you want to go anywhere fast, if you want to make a spontaneous ride or if you have forgotten about an important meeting, the Quick is here to help you.

Renting a scooter? Remember a few rules

By choosing scooters for our rental company and developing the Quick application to manage them, we have made a lot of efforts to make sure this whole adventure is as easy as possible. Scooters are designed to be easy to start and ride, and the app is clear, intuitive and bug-free. All the rest entirely depends on you. All the rest means staying cautious while riding, paying attention to other road users and predictable behavior on the road. An important obligation is to park a scooter properly when you finish a ride. Make sure that the vehicle does not disturb anyone and that the next users can find the scooter easily. What more? Nothing. That's it. Really. You don't need anything else to enjoy your electric scooter in Szczecin.

Have you got any other questions?

Contact us. We'll provide you with all the information you need.