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Who are we looking for? What do we offer?

We are looking for people with their own business to become Freelance Chargers. Task of those, who will become Chargers, is to collect unloaded scooters in a given zone (city), charge them and set them before 6 am. The remuneration is calculated on the grounds of the number of correctly collected, charged and set up scooters.

What do I have to do to become a Charger?

In order to become a Charger you need to have a place to load at least 20-30 scooters, a means of transport capable to carry agreed number of scooters to your place of loading and be ready to collect and to set up the scooters at the established time.

If I become a Charger, do I have to recharge my scooters or replace batteries every day?

We cooperate with people who are awarded exclusive rights in a particular area. It means a loader can be sure the scooters in his/her area are not collected by another loader. This means that you have to collect scooters every day (during the season it can be even several times a day) or in case of lesser traffic (e.g. off-season) depending on the number of unloaded scooters (every 1.5 days).

I’m not running an economic activity, can I also become a charger?

Presently, we focus exclusively on people who run the economic activity.

Can I charge more than 20 scooters?

Obviously yes. Each charger gets a large area from us to collect all of unloaded scooters. Depending on the intensity of rides made by our users, the number of scooters can sometimes be lower, and sometimes definitely higher than 20.

How frequently will I get paid for loading?

On the last day of every month you issue an invoice to be paid by us max. within 10 days. Usually it takes approx. 2 days.

How much will I spend on the electricity?

Our scooters need max. 85W/h to charge batteries; assuming the average charging time approx. 4 hours, full charge of the scooters consumes approx. 340W. The average price of the electric energy in Trójmiasto amounts to 50-60 gr per kwh, hence, costs of charging of a scooter does not exceed 20 gr.

What to do to start?

E-mails us at: [email protected] or fill in the form below.

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