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  1. How can I download your application?

For Android users, type QUICK2.0 in Google Play and download the app. iOS users download the app from the AppStore.

  1. How does the referral code system work?

Person X, who is our user and recommends our app to another person Y, will receive a free 20 minutes from us (15.00 PLN for the bonus balance of the wallet in the app). Person Y needs to cre-ate an account in the QUICK app, then enter the referral code during registration and top up the wallet with 25 PLN.

  1. How do I connect the card?

Open MENU, select the WALLET tab and then MANAGE CARDS. After entering your details, click ADD CARD.

  1. How do I top up my account?

You can top up your Quick account by connecting your payment card (minimum amount 20 PLN) to our app, then selecting one of the listed amounts and top up your wallet with it. Top-up can also be done using BLIK (minimum amount 10 PLN). In this case, you will need to en-ter the amount you wish to top up your wallet with and confirm it in mobile banking. Please note that, regardless of the payment method selected, a payment card must be attached.

  1. What is the difference between the main balance and the bonus balance?

The main balance is credited with funds topped up by the user, and the bonus balance is cred-ited with promotional funds awarded from all kinds of codes, promotions, coupons and re-funds.

  1. Can I start a ride when the battery level on my phone is low (<20%)?

We do not recommend starting a ride when your phone battery is low, as most cameras will prevent you from taking a photo when the battery is <5%. Failure to take a photo will prevent you from completing the ride, resulting in further charges. To meet your expectations, we give you the option to run the app on 4 different devices, so that a drained phone will not be a problem.

  1. How does the entry fee work and what is its cost?


The entry fee is the cost you pay each time you hire a scooter. The cost of the starting fee is 2.59 PLN. A user who has an active subscription does not pay the cost of the start fee.

  1. What does the blue colour on the map in the QUICK application mean?

The blue colour indicates the PERMITTED DRIVING ZONES where scooters can be driven and parked.

  1. What does the red colour on the map in the QUICK app mean?

Red colour indicates NO PARKING zones where the user is not allowed to complete the ride. If you leave your scooter there, you will continue to be charged up to a maximum of 90 minutes and will also be charged a fine of 30 PLN.

  1. What does the yellow colour on the map in the QUICK app mean?

Yellow is used to indicate speed limit zones of up to 12 km/h.

  1. What does the grey colour on the map in the QUICK application mean?

The grey colour indicates the area OUT OF THE ZONE where it is PROHIBITED to ride a scooter.

  1. What happens if I go outside the permitted zone?

When the scooter enters the grey zone, the speed is slowed down to 1 km/h, followed by a complete shutdown of the scooter and automatic termination of the ride. The user receives a notification on the app that they are outside the permitted riding zone and have 10 minutes to return to the blue zone. Failure to do so will result in a 30 PLN fine. To return to the permitted zone you must restart the ride and follow the scooter to the blue zone. If you continue further into the grey zone, the ride will be terminated again and you will be charged a further 30 PLN fine.

ATTENTION: Each subsequent trip completed outside the zone will incur a fine of 30 PLN.

  1. I have funds in my wallet topped up with BLIK, and I can’t rent a scooter.

Make sure your payment card is linked to your account – otherwise using our scooters will not be possible, even if your wallet balance is positive.

  1. The scooter has turned on and is not going forward. Why?

Above all, remember that just pushing in the handlebars won’t do anything. You should push off first and only then press the accelerator handle. If this does not help it may be that there is a defect and it should then be reported via our app.

  1. How many scooters can I hire for 1 application?

A maximum of 4 scooters can be hired per account in the Quick app.

  1. What is the pause for and what is its cost?

Pause is used to temporarily stop the ride. When pause is activated, the scooter is locked. To resume the ride, click the RETURN button in the app. During it, another user cannot rent your scooter. The cost of a pause is 0.10 PLN for each minute of the service started. This service is only valid in the blue zone (permitted riding zone).

  1. What is the booking for and what is its cost?

Booking is used to reserve any available scooter. There is a 1 PLN charge for each booking, re-funded back to the bonus balance to the app wallet depending on the time used (the cost of booking is 0.10 PLN for each minute of use started). Maximum booking time is 10 minutes – a maximum of 4 scooters at a time. It is allowed to book the same scooter three times within a six-hour period.

  1. Can I run the app on several devices at the same time?

The QUICK APP application can be run on up to 4 devices simultaneously.

  1. Can I press pause and leave my scooter in a no-parking zone?

In the no-parking zone (red zone) it is not possible to activate pause.

  1. What if I run out of funds in my wallet and am in a no-parking zone?

You must then top up your account as soon as possible and you can then continue to use your scooter without any problems. If the scooter is left in a no-parking zone (red zone), charges will continue to accrue and you will also be charged a fine of PLN 30. The best solution to avoid such situations is to enable the automatic recharge option (then when the funds drop below PLN 5, the wallet in the app is automatically recharged with PLN 25).

  1. What if a scooter dies in a no-parking zone?

The ride is then automatically terminated. If such a ride has ended in a no-parking zone (red zone) and the scooter is left there, the user will not be charged additional fees.

  1. When is the fare collected?

The entry fee is charged at the time the scooter is hired. The charge for minutes used is col-lected at the end of the ride.

  1. Do I have to take a photo when my ride has been completed automatically?

In the event of termination of the ride due to a dead battery in the scooter, lack of funds in the wallet or going outside the zone (grey zone), the system will not redirect to the camera to take a photo of the parked scooter. To confirm that you have parked your scooter correctly, we suggest that you take a photo and send it to us at the following email address [email protected] stating which run it relates to.

  1. What does it mean when a scooter is out of order?

The information appearing in the app “scooter out of order” means that the scooter is not cur-rently available to users. The reason for this could be that it is damaged.

  1. Why the scooter does not turn on?

The scooter cannot switch on for several reasons:

• it is out of order (damaged);

• has a low battery;

• is already rented by another user;

• is left in the no-parking zone (red zone) and the last user’s ride has not been completed;

• lack of funds in the app user’s wallet or payment card;

• is reserved by another user;

In such a situation, it is worth paying attention to the messages that are displayed in the ap-plication.

  1. Why did the scooter switch off?

There are several reasons why the scooter shuts down:

• lack of funds in the portfolio;

• driving outside the permitted zone (grey zone);

• Scooter’s low battery.

  1. Do you charge extra for parking in the spot?


We do not. For parking in the spot, we award a bonus of 1 PLN to be used in the app wallet. There are no additional charges for parking outside the spot.

  1. 25 PLN has been taken from my account, why?

The amount of 25 PLN has been collected because you have enabled the automatic top-up op-tion. The funds collected are in your wallet and will be used to pay for your completed jour-neys.

  1. What is an automatic top-up and what benefits can it bring me?

Automatic top-up allows the app user to ensure payment continuity when using the scooter. Thanks to it, there should be no situation in which the ride is automatically terminated when the funds in the wallet run out. In addition, activating this option entails receiving an addi-tional 5 PLN for the bonus balance in the app’s wallet for each automatic 25 PLN top up.

  1. Where can I check the current promotions?

Information about promotion www.quick-app.eu can be found under the “PROMOTIONS” menu tab in the app, on facebook https://www.facebook.com/QuickPolska/ and on Instagram @quick_pl.

  1. Where can I enter the promotional code?

To enter the promotional code in the QUICK app, go to the MENU of the app and then to DISCOUNT CODE.

  1. How do I purchase subscriptions?

The purchase of a subscription can be done by topping up the wallet and withdrawing from it the appropriate amount needed to purchase the subscription or using automatic top-up, in which case the user does not receive the automatic top-up bonus of 5 PLN. Each subscription has a specific expiry date and is not automatically renewed.

  1. What if my subscription minutes run out and I want to keep going?

In this case, you must have the automatic top-up option enabled or funds in your wallet. The subscription is not automatically renewed and once the subscription minutes have been used up, the rate will be charged for each additional minute of the ride in accordance with the cur-rent price list. If the daily subscription expires before 24 hours because the minutes have been used up, it can be renewed.

  1. Do unused minutes from a subscription on a given day carry over to the next day?

As part of your subscription, you have a certain number of minutes per day to use in the QUICK APP. Unused minutes on a given day do not carry over to the next day, but are forfeited.

  1. Can I take advantage of other promotions with an active subscription?

Subscriptions do not combine with promotions introduced temporarily.

  1. Can I cancel the subscription I have purchased?

The user does not have the option of cancelling their subscription.

  1. Can I purchase a daily subscription several times in one day?

In order to receive an invoice, send the invoice data, the phone number for which the charge was made and the period for which the invoice is to be issued to the email address [email protected]. The invoice will be sent by the 5th day of the month following the provision of the service.

  1. How does a ‘pause’ work during the subscription?

During the subscription period, each started minute of ‚pause’ is equivalent to one minute of subscription, which means that during an ongoing ride with an active daily, weekly or monthly subscription, each started minute of ‘pause’ is counted as one used minute from the subscription.

  1. Where can I report a scooter breakdown?

You can report a malfunction directly in the app by going to the HELP tab and then clicking on the “defect reporting” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. Then click “report de-fect” and fill in the form.

  1. How can I contact you in case of problems?


Please report any problems with the malfunctioning of our service via the app or by email to [email protected].

  1. Where should I submit a request for a refund for an unsatisfactory trip?

If you have any problems with the ride, please send a request via the app or by email to [email protected].

  1. Can I get a refund of the unused funds?

Unused top-up funds held in the main balance of the application wallet are refundable. Re-funds are made following the user’s decision to delete the account.

  1. Are bonus funds refundable?

We do not reimburse funds that have been received from various promotions, codes and dis-counts or from refunds.

  1. What do I do if my account is blocked?

The reason for a blocked account is usually a negative wallet balance (payment arrears). You must then top up your wallet, we will collect the outstanding payment and your account will be unblocked.

  1. How can I obtain a VAT invoice?

In order to receive an invoice, an invoice request must be sent each time, together with the details of the invoice and the telephone number to which the top-up was made, to [email protected]. The invoice request must be sent no later than on the 15th day of the month following the period for which the invoice is to be issued.

  1. I want to delete my account. How do I do this?

Send an email to [email protected], or make a request in the app. We will then delete the account and refund any remaining, unused funds held in the main balance. This usually takes around 7 days. Please note that deletion of your account will not be possible if your wallet balance is negative – you will need to settle your arrears first.

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