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  1. How can I download your application?

If you use the Android system just enter QUICKAPP in the Play store and download the app. IOS users download the app from the AppStore.

  1. Can I start a ride when the battery level of my phone is low (<20%)?

We do not recommend riding when the phone’s battery is low since most of cameras do not enable taking pictures when the battery is <5%. No picture makes it is not possible to terminate a ride and a user is still charged fees. To meet your expectations, we provide you with the ability to run the application on 4 different devices, so that a discharged phone is not a problem.

  1. The scooter has been started but it does not ride. Why?

First of all, remember that just opening the throttle won’t do anything. You have to push yourself back and then use the gas throttle. If this does not work, the gas throttle may be damaged and you should report it via our application.

  1. How many scooters can I rent for 1 application?

For a single account in the Quick application a user can rent max 4 scooters.

  1. What does the red color in the map mean in the QUICK app?

The colour red indicates NO-PARKING ZONES where the user cannot finish the ride. Leaving the scooter in such a zone will result in further charges of up to maximum 90 min and an additional penalty of PLN 50.

  1. What does the yellow color in the map mean in the QUICK app?

The colour yellow indicates the zones of limitation to 12 km/h of the maximum speed allowed for scooters in Gdańsk, i.e. the area of the Main Town within the Śródmieście district together with Wyspa Ołowianka and the northern part of Wyspa Spichrzów, i.e. the limited area of ul. Okopowa, ul. Podwale Przedmiejskie, as well as in the area of Dolny Sopot limited by streets: Chopina, Ceynowy, Al. Niepodległości and the sea as well as the entire North Park, South Park and the coastal area.

  1. What is the cost of the start fee?

The cost of the start
is 2,49 PLN.

  1. What is the pause for and what is its cost?

The pause is used to temporarily interrupt the ride which blocks the scooter. The cost of the pause is PLN 0.10 for each commenced minute of service. The pause does not exempt you from payment. This service is allowed only in the ride zone.

  1. What is the reservation for and what is its cost?

The reservation is used to reserve any available scooter. A fee of PLN 1 is collected for each reservation, returned to the wallet depending on the time used (the cost of the reservation is PLN 0.10 for each started minute of using the service). The maximum reservation time is 10 minutes- a maximum of 4 scooters at the same time. It is possible to reserve the same scooter three times within six hours.

  1. Can I push the pause in the no-parking zone and leave the scooter?

Leaving the scooter in the no-parking zone and switching on the pause will result in consequent charges, as if the user continues riding.

  1. What if I am out of money in my wallet and I’m in a no-parking zone?

Then you should
top up your account as soon as possible and then you can continue using the
scooter without any problems. If the scooter is left in the parking prohibition
zone the fees will be still charged plus a fine in amount of PLN 50. The best
solution to avoid such situations is to enable automatic top up (then, when the
funds fall below PLN 5, your wallet in the application is automatically topped
up with PLN 25).

  1. What if the scooter runs down in a no-parking zone?

Then the ride ends automatically. In case when the ride ended in the no-parking zone and the scooter is left there, the user will not be charged with any additional fees.

  1. My account has been debited with amount of PLN 25, why?

The amount of PLN 25 has been charged because you have the automatic top up option enabled. The funds are available in your wallet and they shall be used to settle payments for your rides.

  1. What is the automatic top up and what benefits can it bring?

The auto top-up service allows the app user to ensure the continuity of payments while using the scooter. It should prevent the situation where your ride is automatically ended once the funds in your account run out. In addition, the enabling of this option involves the receipt of additional PLN 5 for each automatic collection of PLN 25.

  1. Where can I check valid promotions?

Information about promotions can be found in the PROMOTIONS tab in the application, on the website www.quick-app.eu Facebook https://www.facebook.com/QuickPolska/ and Instagram @quick_pl.

  1. What happens when I leave the zone?

When the scooter
leaves the zone, the speed is slowed down to 1 km/h and then the scooter is
completely switched off. Riding is impossible. The user is notified in the
application that he/she is out of the zone and has 10 minutes to return.
Otherwise a fine of PLN 50 is charged. In order to continue the ride you have
to start a ride again and go back to the zone or move the scooter. Otherwise
the scooter will be still outside the allowed zone, the ride will end again and
the user will be charged another fee of PLN 50. Additionally, each ride
continued outside the allowed zone will mean a fee PLN 50.

  1. What do you mean the scooter’s out of order?

The information appearing in the application “scooter inactive” means that the scooter is not currently available for users. The reason is a damage or poor battery.

  1. Where can I report a scooter failure?

The failure can be reported directly in the application in the HELP tab. Then in the top right corner an orange icon with a “+” symbol appears, click on it and then report the failure.

  1. How can I contact you in case of any problems?

All of troubles related to our services should be reported in the application or e-mail [email protected]

  1. Where should I ask for returning my funds?

It is best to create a request in the app, but you can also email [email protected], call the helpline on (+48) 609 715 371 or use Facebook.

  1. Can I get my money back?

Top-up funds are subjected to reimbursement. We refund the funds after the user’s decision to delete the account.

  1. Are extra funds refundable?

We do not return funds resulting from various promotions, codes and awarded discounts.

  1. How does the invitation code system work?

Person X, who is our user recommends our application to another person Y (person Y must create an account in the QUICK application, enter the invitation code when registering and top up the wallet with PLN 25) will get free 20 minutes (PLN 12 in the wallet).

  1. Where can I enter my promotional code?

To enter a promotional code in the QUICK application, go to MENU app -> WALLET and then promotional code.

  1. What if my account has been blocked?

The reason for a blocked account is usually a negative balance of the wallet (debt). Hence, you should top up your wallet; we will collect the overdue payment and the account is unlocked.

  1. Do I have to take a picture if my ride is ended automatically?

If the ride is ended due to a low battery in the scooter, a lack of funds in the account or due to leaving the zone, the user is not required to take a photo of the scooter.

  1. When are the fees collected?

Entry fee is
collected at the time of renting the scooter. The remaining fee for the minutes
used is charged at the end of the ride.

  1. How do I top up my account?

You can top up your account in the Quick app by adding your payment card (minimum PLN 20) into our app, then selecting one of the specified amounts and topping up your account with it. You may also top it up with BLIK (minimum PLN 10). In this case, you must enter the amount you want to top up your account with and confirm it in the mobile banking app. Please remember to make a payment in the application wallet, it is required to attach a payment card.

  1. Why does the scooter not start?

The scooter may not start for several reasons:
– It is out of service (damaged);
– It has a low battery;
– It is already rented by another user;
– It is left in a no-parking zone and the last user’s ride has not been completed;
– No funds in the application user’s account or payment card;
– It is reserved.
In such a situation, it is worth paying attention to the messages that are displayed in the application.

  1. Why did the scooter turn off?

There are several reasons for the turning off of the scooter:
– Lack of funds in the account;
– Leaving the permitted zone;
– Low battery in the scooter.

  1. How can I buy a subscription package(long-term rental)?

The package can be purchased by topping up the account and paying the amount necessary to buy the package, or by using automatic top-up, although in this case the user does not receive the bonus of PLN 5 for the automatic top-up. Each package has a certain expiry date and it is not automatically renewed.

  1. What if I run out of minutes in my subscription package and I want to keep riding?

Then you should enable the option of automatic top-up or make sure there are funds in your account (credit). If the daily subscription expires before 24 hours due to used minutes, it is possible to re-purchase it.

  1. Are the minutes not used in a given day transferred to the next day?

As part of the purchased package, the user has a specific daily number of minutes to use in the QUICKAPP. The unused minutes are not transferred to the next day; they are forfeited.

  1. Can I use other promotions while having an active subscription package?

Subscription packages cannot be combined with other temporary promotions.

  1. Can I cancel my subscription package?

The user cannot cancel the purchased package.

  1. Can I buy a daily package several times in one day?

The daily package is active for 24 hours from the time of purchase. The reactivation of the package is possible only after all the minutes have been used up.

  1. How can I receive a VAT invoice?

In order to receive an invoice, send the invoice data, the phone number for which the charge was made and the period for which the invoice is to be issued to the email address [email protected]. The invoice will be sent by the 5th day of the month following the provision of the service.

  1. Can I run the app on multiple devices at once?

The QUICKAPP can be run on up to 4 devices at a time.

  1. Do you charge additional fees for parking in the spot?

No. For parking in the spot we grant a bonus of 1zł, to be used in the application wallet. There are no additional fees for parking outside the spot.

  1. I have BLIK funds in my wallet and I cannot rent a scooter.

Make sure you have a payment card attached to your account – otherwise, you will not be able to use our scooters even if you have a credit.

  1. How can I add a card?

Open the Menu, select “Wallet”, then click “Manage cards” and “Add card”.

  1. I want to delete my account. How to do it?

Write to us at [email protected] Please note that it will not be possible to delete your account if the wallet balance is negative – you need to pay the outstanding balance first.

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